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Savanah from Margate Wrote: Rating:
Upon leaving the office Savanah remarked, "I had a stress-free yearly exam. It was painless and I received many healthy treats during my exam. I will recommend Dr. Sela to all my canine friends. Unfortunately I do not have any feline friends at this time, but I am working on it."

P.S. I left Savanah’s words from 2001—long time ago—for the nostalgia it brings to me
Dr. Sela
Coco & Chanel from Coconut Creek wrote: Rating:

My sister and I came in for a small elective surgical procedure, but we don't really like talking about it.

Everything went great, and this is a picture of us the same afternoon. We have no complaints, and we love the food and the view from our room.

We will be going home tomorrow, and although we love it here, one must say: "There is no place like home."

P.S. the only reason we gave a 4 paws review and not 5 is because I don’t believe we signed a consent form… my sister Chanel claims we did; I will check my records at home.

Harley from Margate wrote: Rating:

Hello my name in Harley, as you can see from my picture I am very happy and I am rolling over my Vet's hospital floor as a sign of my gratitude. The other day after running a lot, and playing a lot, I was really sore, I think I over did it, but Dr. Sela fixed me right away, and today during my follow-up visit I received a clean bill of health.

I would like all my canine friends, and feline friends, and yes, I do have a few cat friends, to see how happy I am with the treatment I received at Dr. Sela's office. By the way, my very good friend and owner, Lisa, is also very pleased with how well I did.


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